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How to buy an artwork | How to buy an artwork | ARTPO: art for sale painting art gallery | buy paintings, art oil paintings, original art paintings
ARTPO - Paintings Online Shop. Art for sale by famous artists in online art gallery. Buy original paintings and other art works. Oil Paintings Online Store. We offer landscape paintings, watercolor paintings, abstract paintings, flower paintings, still life paintings, nude paintings, surrealism paintings, modernism paintings and other paintings.

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How to buy an artwork

ARTPO is an internet project that allows a buyer to communicate with a painter directly without any intermediaries.

Add to Shopping Cart

  1. In the Art Catalogue, select the artwork of interest. You can also look for desired artwork with our search form.

  2. To buy items on the site, just click on the "Add to shopping cart" link on the Item Page. Clicking on the "Add to shopping cart" link will lead you to the Shopping Cart page. You may continue shopping on the site and keep adding the items to the Shopping Cart in this manner.

  3. Once you have added all the items that you wish to buy to the Shopping Cart, click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button on the Shopping Cart page to process the order.

  4. You are prompted to fill in the order form (your name, e-mail, phone number, destination city, your comments). Having filled in these fields, click the "Confirm order" button.

  5. Having got your order, we will transmit your contact and order information by email to the artist within 24 hours. You will get immediate notification once the painter received the order.

  6. The artist will contact you directly to discuss the payment, delivery and other details.


The delivery cost and additional expenses (export permit, packing expenses, insurance and so on) are paid by the buyer, that is, the price on the website does not include these expenses. The delivery details are discussed between the artist and the buyer.


Typically, the payment details are discussed between the artist and the buyer.

Framed / non-framed paintings

If a painting has been already framed, you will see the "Artwork framed" text under the painting's image. The frame cost is included in the painting price. If there is no "Artwork framed" text under the painting's image, you will have to discuss this subject with the author.

Additional information

  1. Notice that all paintings and artworks available at ARTPO are private property of painters and located at painter's studios. This information has to be taken into consideration before submitting your order since it affects delivery date and cost. A painter's location can be found on his / her biography page as well as on the Item Page.

    If you want to buy a painting urgently, we would recommend to select artworks created by painters living in your area. It will significantly save your time and money.

    To search for painters by location, you can use the advanced artwork search.

  2. If you order an authors copy, you need to understand that preparing the copy will take some time (from a couple of days to several weeks). You should discuss the timeline with the painter in advance.

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